Dear Partners!

Galamat Integra company was established with the purpose of introduction and promotion of innovative medical developments from all round the world on the market of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.

This is a great honor for us to provide our citizens with access to the attainments of modern medical science. New challenges and call of the times catalyze the rapid development of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Today the discoveries in the healthcare system are comparable with know-how in IT in terms of importance, helping peopleto maintain and restore their health, live more comfortably, despite the real "impact" of unfavorable anthropogenic factors.

The economy of Kazakhstan is developing rapidly, and at the same time the healthcare financing of the country is precipitously increasing. There are built modern clinics, specialists are trained in leading medical centers of the world. Andthus, it is important to actively use and apply modern innovative medical technologies in the country.

We are working in order our specialists and patients have an opportunity to use innovations in medicine quickly and easily.

Our team consists of professional marketing managers, product specialists who can bring the needs of the experts in the necessary high-tech medical products literally to the door of the office of their developers and producers. And in reversed order: new medical technologies could be provided in the shortest time to the attention of our experts and patients.

Thus, we are always open to close interaction both with consumers of medical innovations, and with their producers. Through the appeal to the owners and producers of innovative medical products we invite them to the mutually beneficial cooperation offering quality services of the complex marketing and promotion in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

CEO of Galamat Integra LLP, MD, DBA
Seitzhan Sypabekov

The cooperation algorithm consists of 3 stages and is presented in simplified form: