Product BLANKETROL - Guided Hypo / Hyperthermia Body System
Partner Gentherm Partner, USA
Indications Uncontrolled HF hypertension; uncontrolled hyperthermia of the body and brain with CCI, infections, etc.; ischemic stroke; to reduce the extent of brain damage during neurotrauma; warming patients
Description Cooling / heating system unit, hoses for water supply, body temperature sensors, helmet for cranial hypothermia, vest for general hypo / hyperthermia, mattresses
Application, certificates Development of the Center for Neurosurgery, University of Cincinnati, USA. Clinical trials and permits for use in the USA, the European Union
Product SPIEGELBERG - system for invasive measurement of intracranial pressure (ICP)
Partner Spiegelberg GmbH, Germany
Indications For the treatment of severe traumatic brain injury, brain tumors, hydrocephalus, vascular diseases of the brain
Description Monitor and sensors of various types for ICP measurement
Application, certificates Approved for use in the European Union and the USA, randomized clinical trials of the level of evidence class 2-3 (Lee 1998, Servadei 2002, Aarabi 2006, Cremer 2005, Fakhry 2004, Howells 2005, Palmer 2001, Patel 2002, Timofeev 2006, etc. )