Critical Care Medicine
Partner SpiegelbergGmbH, Germany
Indications Treatment of the severe brain injury, cerebral tumours, hydrocephalus, brain vascular diseases
Description Monitor and detectors of various types for in tracranial pressure measuring.
Use, Certificates Allowed for usein EU and the USA, randomized clinical studies of 2-3 class evidences level

(Lee 1998, Servadei 2002, Aarabi 2006

Cremer 2005, Fakhry 2004,

Howells 2005, Palmer 2001,Patel 2002,

Timofeev 2006, and etc.)

Partner CSZ, a Gentherm company, the USA
Indications Uncontrolled intracranial hypertension; uncontrolled body and brain hyperthermiaat CCCI(closed craniocerebral injury), infections, and etc.;ishemic stroke; to decrease the brain damage degree at  neurological injuries; patients heating.
Use, Certificates Development of theNeurosurgery Center of the University of Cincinnati, the USA. Clinical studies and permit for use in the USA, EU.