Product Sida-Lens, Sida-HPMC, Sida-Visc, Microsurgical knives "Sidapharm"
Partner Sidapharm, Greece
Indications Eye Microsurgery
Description Sida-Lens is an intraocular hydrophobic acrylic aspherical lens for replacing the lens of the human eye. Sida-HPMC - 2% hydroxypropyl methylcellulose solution, used to cover and protect eye tissues during procedures on the anterior segment. Sida-Visc is a non-pyrogenic, viscoelastic solution for surgery of the anterior and posterior segment of the eye. Sidapharm microsurgical knives - made of 420 stainless steel and used for precise cuts during microsurgical operations
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According to ISO 13485: 2016

Product Soft monofocal, intraocular lenses of the MIOL family, monofocal lenses of TORSION, multifocal lenses of AKKORD, irido-intraocular lenses of MIOL-Iris, intracapsular rings, anti-glaucoma explant drainage Repegel-1
Partner REPER NN, Russia
Indications Eye Microsurgery
Description Lenses based on unique patented photopolymerization technology, highest biocompatibility and biostability
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Product Microsurgical equipment - phacoemulsifier "Optimed", consumables for phacoemulsification and other consumables for microsurgery of the eye - viscoelastic "Optimed". Ophthalmic solution trypan blue. Contact Lens Care
Partner OPTIMED LLC, Russia
Indications Eye Microsurgery
Description High-quality supplies and equipment for eye microsurgery at affordable prices
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